About Us


Welcome to Varé! A little bit about myself, Amy, I was born and raised in Miami, FL, where culture and fashion is rich. The world of fashion has always been my main interest, and owning my own store was always my dream. After receiving my degree in Fashion Merchandising I decided to take the plunge and start Varé!

Varé is a synonym of confidence that inspires women to be courageous and not afraid of being different. Our customer is a modern woman with a taste for trends and drama. She wants to standout and be trendy but always in good taste.

My goal is to provide a place where women can always find a piece they love without having to settle for a lower quality than they deserve. Everything posted will be a direct reflection of myself and my own personal style; you'll find classics with a touch of edge and modernism.

As I continue to pour my heart into Varé I hope to continue gaining your love and support throughout my journey! 

Thank you & happy shopping! xoxo